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IS 2 A 2 OR A 3?

It is the evident indicator and cause of the destruction of our country and the spiritual decline of many churches. "It" is the post-modernist, relativistic, create-your-own-reality way of thinking with which our society has been indoctrinated. We have witnessed the death of the worldview of absolutes and objective reality. Today, there cannot be debate on any issue, because what the reality of the issue is cannot even be acknowledged. Let me speak in analogy: Take the number 2: Joe: "Let's talk about our disagreement about 2 being a good number." Bob: "It's not a 2 it's a 3." Joe: "No, I'm sure that's a 2." Bob: "It is not a 2; it's a 3." Joe: "Watch, let me retrace it. There, that's the way you shape a 2." Bob: "Nope, that isn't a 2; it's a 3." Joe: "Look, there are 10 math teachers over there. Let's go ask them." "Hey, 10, what do you see here? What number is this?" The 10: "It's a 2." Joe: "Bob, the 10 says it's a 2." Bob: "It may be a 2 to the 10, but to me it's a 3." There can be no further discussion or even disagreement. There are no grounds to even agree to disagree. There can be nothing but bad feeling and exasperation. Whether the number is a 2 or 3, is an objective matter. In the reality of the world using the Arabic numerical system, the number is a 2 or a 3; it can’t be both. Whether 2 is a good number or not is a subjective matter, a matter of disagreement, difference opinion, perspective. If we accept the objective truth--that which corresponds with reality--then we can have a discussion. I can like 2, but you can dislike 2. We can discuss, debate, and disagree. But, if we cannot even agree on the objective truth, the number is a 2, we cannot even have a discussion of whether or not 2 is a good or bad number. We have nothing. We cannot do anything but talk past each other with each becoming more frustrated and angry. Do we not see this in the morality and politics of our nation? We now have same-sex marriage because an objective definition of marriage was not acknowledged. There couldn't even be a debate on it. There could only be charges of mistreatment, discrimination, and bigotry. The absolutists said, "This is marriage," and the relativist, postmodernists said, "No, that's not marriage." The absolutists said (in analogy), "It's a 2. It has always been a 2. The Bible says it is a 2. Reason says it is a 2. Nature says it is a 2. Objectively, it is a 2." The post-modernists say, "No. It is a 3. It doesn't matter what it has always been. It doesn't matter what the Bible says. It doesn't matter what objective logic says, we say it is a 3. It might have always been a 2. But, that was because of the bigotry of those who did not want it to be a 3 or a 4 for that matter." Sadly, the same mentality has crept into the church. When the pastor/motivational speaker of the largest American church says, "To me Jesus is the way, but I can't judge people of other faiths (paraphrased)," he has just said Truth is subjective not objective, that it can be a 2 or a 3 or whatever we choose. This is why for many even in the church sin cannot be dealt with nor conflicts handled. If you are having problems with math, no one, including God, can help you as long as you insist a 2 is a 3. Oh, what destruction when we jettison absolute truth and admission of reality. If one keeps calling a 2 a 3, he will never get the problems on the tests of life correct. Life will keep coming up wrong. Mostly, seriously one won't get eternity correct. If you call 2 a 3, 2 + 2 will never equal 4. I love 2. You may hate it. But, can we not accept the reality it is 2? It matters if we are to ever get 2 + 2 correct.

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