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Jesus: "You Need Go Nowhere Else"
by Bro. Clifford Hurst

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It doesn't seem difficult at first thought, but is rather elusive when tried. What? Defining "spiritual." What does it mean to be spiritual? What makes a person spiritual? I am not referring to the general and modern usage of the word: In this sense a person is spiritual when he gives attention to his spiritual nature or when he involves himself in religious activities or when he engages in practices of supposed contact with the supernatural realm. I am referring to the sense used by Christians in respectful honor of another: "_______________is spiritual." I am going to leave the difficult work of defining this sense of spiritual to your own contemplation. However, one thing I am convinced of is that no person would ever truly be considered spiritual if there is no consistency in his life--call it what one likes: faithfulness, dependability, constancy, etc. If this is true, then there are a decreasing number of truly spiritual believers. One might deem consistency as a character trait, a mark of morals. No doubt this is true. However, I think we can conclude that one can be moral without being spiritual, but not truly spiritual without being moral. (I would digress to discuss that.) Consistency is what both develops and defines a person. A person may go to work on one day of the week, be on time, labor hard, and stay until quitting time. But, if he was late on other days, a no-show on another, and a slacker on others, none would say that he is a good worker. A husband may say kind things to his wife on one occasion, but treat her rudely shortly after, rarely compliment or help her, and say disparaging things often. Saying kind things one time doesn't make him kind. A person may show up for one or two services a month, worship emotionally and profusely, listen intently to the Word, pray fervently with others in the altar in those services, and even be used in the spiritual gifts. Yet, if it is never known whether or not he can be depended upon to make the next service, he cannot be thought of as spiritual. Certainly, one can be a faithful attendee and not be spiritual. However, if one is able, if he is truly spiritual, he will be a faithful attendee. One may rise to an occasion of sharing the Word to fellow believers. His address may be moving, spiritually enlightening, soul-challenging. But, if he cannot be depended on to fulfill his responsibilities in the Kingdom, he is not spiritual. To be sure, there are other ingredients to being spiritual. But, consistency is as integral to being spiritual as flour is to a cake. There are other ingredients to a cake, but there will be no true cake without flour. Some folks never get this. The epitome of spirituality is God Himself. With awe, respect, and honor we acknowledge God is faithful, consistent, dependable. This is spirituality at its best. THE Spirit (God) is consistent. Constancy is a descriptive for THE Spirit, God. Through the parables, Jesus notes what impresses God at the day of accountability. The describing word used to give final approval to the life of a servant and to usher him into the eternal kingdom is, "Faithful"-consistently trustworthy. "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." God is impressed only by this constancy. There should be no delusions. If a believer is not constant and consistent in belief, practice, service, attendance, disciplines, etc., he simply is not spiritual; however, you may define it.

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