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Jesus is no XPLUT

Imagine you click on the Drudge app on your smartphone and located first in the section of breaking, prominent news is the banner "New Drug XPLUT Proves A Miracle Cure." Wondering "That's great! What does it cure?," you click on the headline that links to the article. You read the article expecting a breakthrough on a cure of a major disease. The article boasts of the drug's efficiency. Superlatives lauding the potency, speed, and success of this pharmaceutical wonder saturate the story. The further you read, the more puzzled you become and the less enthusiasm you feel. Why? Nowhere in the story does it tell what the drug cures. You get to the end and still there is no mention of the malady for which XPLUT is an antidote. Heading for work, you get in your automobile and turn on the radio. Things are becoming more surreal. Frequent news bulletins break into the regular programming. Each are exuberantly heralding the curative powers of this wonder-drug. After several of these breaking-news interruptions, you note that not one report made any mention of what the drug remedied. During the day you happen by a television. Both the news anchor and the ticker crawling along the bottom of the screen are praising XPLUT. But it is the same. There is no word on what the drug cures. Soon you are asking yourself, "What is the big deal." Becoming totally uninterested you dismiss XPLUT from your mind. When it is mentioned, you tune it out. This is the error of the bulk of preaching, singing, writing, etc., of today's American Christianity. Although ubiquitous on internet, radio, television, etc., it is largely void of the mention of sin. The preaching and teaching may be exuberant. The singing may be euphoric. The writing may be interesting. But, with no mention of sin, people are soon asking, "What is the big deal?" and begin to tune it all out. If there is no mention of sin, how can Jesus' blood mean anything? If there is no reference to sin, how can God's promised offer of forgiveness be appealing? What's there to be forgiven for? What's there to be saved from? Who needs grace? Or mercy? What need do I have for the Jesus-cure? Oh, Jesus is still touted-but as a high not a remedy. He becomes a recreational drug not a remedial drug. He becomes about the feeling of sensation not the forgiveness of sin. All of this is only to speak analogously; Jesus is no drug. But, if He were, He is no XPLUT. He cures something. Sin. The very worse of all diseases.

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