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When God Comes Looking For A Man
by Bro. Clifford Hurst

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The call to take down the confederate flag in South Carolina in the aftermath of the awful shootings of nine African Americans by a racist white, young male have extended to an attack on our nation's founders. Calls are also being made to get rid of the Jefferson memorial and to expunge other statues of various slave-owning founders and early leaders. I defend neither slavery nor the need for a state government to fly the confederate flag. I certainly do not seek to minimize the tragic loss of lives or in any way justify the shooter. But, once again this culture's response reveals, not only a profound lack of historical accuracy, but a deep hypocrisy. The drum-beat from liberalism is always that we need to accept things like homosexuality and abortion because times have changed and what was once considered wrong is now considered right. That is the point: Times have changed. Sadly, in the time of our founders, many did not see slavery as wrong. That times change never means that something wrong is ever right. It does mean that people faced issues in the context of their times. To expect our founders to have responded the same to slavery as we would today is anachronistic. It also ignores the fact that many of the founders did see slavery as wrong but simply did not know how to end it. Just as slavery being viewed as acceptable in the past does not make it acceptable, neither does viewing abortion acceptable in the present make it acceptable. We cannot appeal to the norms of the age to determine right and wrong. We must appeal to something that transcends the time and culture—something; I say the Bible. Indefensibly, many are so indoctrinated by and enmeshed in our times they just do not concede the wrong of abortion and homosexuality. With slavery we started wrong but got it right. With abortion and homosexuality we started right but now have gotten it wrong. Our culture, rising with rightful indignation over the show of the blatant racism of the shooter, reveals its hypocrisy in both its condemnation of that racism and projecting its blame all the way back to the founders. It is not comparing apples with oranges to say our culture is hypocritical in condemning the slavery of the founders while accepting and defending abortion—both have to do with the valuing of the individual and human life. I would submit that slave owners would not have supported abortion. Their condemning abortion would not have justified their slavery, no more than contemporary society's condemning racism justifies its support of abortion. Our society wants to blame the confederate flag and its past for the recent shootings. It wants to blame the founders. It needs to be noted that it was not the culture of the founders nor of the confederacy that "produced" the shooter. It was this present culture that "produced" him. Our abortion supporting culture.

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