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Jesus Releases Power To Faith #8
by Bro. Clifford Hurst

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She walked in with a completely downcast, despair-darkened countenance. Answering the altar appeal after the Gospel had been shared, she came and wept and shook and prayed. God gloriously saved her and delivered her from drugs and a life of sin and darkness. She has been serving Christ for going on two years now. She had told me her story of how she ended up walking through the doors of our church, a walk that led to the altar; thus, I knew much of that story but not all of it. Come to find out, neither did she. Here is her story: A dog kept showing up at her house. Since it persisted showing up, she took the dog through her neighborhood trying to find its home. She came to one house where lived a lady that had come to our church. Led by the Spirit this lady, after telling the lady whom this story is about that the dog was not hers, began to witness to her telling her how Jesus could change her life. The lady of the house also recommended that the lady, looking for the dog's owner, come to our church where she would hear the Gospel and God could change her life. She did. She came. Her life was changed. A wonderful story it was, but only very recently did she herself discover the rest of the story. A short while back, she was at the home of yet another lady of our church for a Bible study. They somehow began talking about the host lady's dog. Suddenly, it dawned on the lady who had been wondrously saved: It was this host lady's dog that had taken to wandering away from home! This was the dog she, looking for its owner, had taken trying to find its home. That had taken her to the house of the lady that encouraged her to come to our church. Coming to our church, she had been converted. Being converted, she met the lady who invited her to her house for Bible study. There she encountered the dog again. Wow. Serve Christ and even your dog may lead someone to finding Christ. God is mighty to save! One who heard this story remarked, "A lost dog led a lost lady to Jesus."

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