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To The Praise Of His Glory
by Bro. Clifford Hurst

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Rightfully so, born-again, Bible-believing, orthodox Christians are deeply outraged and grieved with recent legal triumphs for deviant immorality because they see such as an affront to God. God is holy and has commanded humans on how to live before Him. Yet, those humans have lifted their noses in arrogant disdain and celebrated their violating His will and word. The leaders, media, and masses of our land remind me of a four-year old boy headed towards a steep bank of a cliff. His mother hollers, "Stop. Don't you dare go any closer to that cliff!" The four year old gives her that defiant look he polished when he was two and with lips tightened into a smirk, nose turned up, and chin lifted and pointing the way, he obstinately disobeys marching straight to the very edge of the precipice. Yes, since His laws are rooted in His holy nature, violating God's laws is a slap in the face of God, an affront of His very person. From abortion to same-sex relationships, our society's choices are offensive because they, by violating God's word, violate His very nature of holiness. But, there is something going on here other than just affronting the holiness of God. God did not give commands only to express His holiness. God gave commands because He, as Designer/Creator of humanity, knew what was good for humanity. Moses clearly saw this: "And the LORD commanded us to do all these statutes, to fear the LORD our God, for our good always, that he might preserve us alive, as it is at this day." (Deu 6:24). Christian morality is not founded on what is pragmatic (what actually works or doesn't work) but on who God is and what He has spoken. Yet, Christian morality is very pragmatic. Sex outside of a monogamous marriage of one woman and one man is not only unholy, it is also hurtful. Folks who fornicate are not only sinning against God; they are sinning against their own body, their own soul. Their violation not only insults God; it destroys them. Yes, things such as God-forbidden sexual activity are first and foremost a morality matter; but, they are also a pragmatic matter. One should not avoid fornication just because it is bad for him but because the holy God said, "Don’t." Yet, if he chooses to disobey God, he should know he is also hurting himself. God's commands are not only an expression of His holiness—what is right and pure and holy--, but also an expression of His love—what will be good for us. The mother in the illustration above shouted, "Don't go any closer to the cliff," not because she simply wanted to show her authority, nor because she didn't want her boy to have fun, but because she loved him and knew he could very likely slip, fall and hurt himself, and, worse of all, die. For the four year old to march on to the cliff in defiance wasn't just to go against his mother's command, it was to go against her love and to head straight towards hurtful trouble. Violating His commands is not only offensive to God but also injurious to the offender. When humans willfully violate God's laws, they not only turn up their noses at God; they cut them off in spite of their faces.

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